Colors of Ho​-​Oh

by The Hermit Collective



Pokémontas! This was a fun parody track I made with my friends The Hermit Collective! They make animations, voice act and are really cool people. Hope you like this song I made with them, there's also a cool animation they made to go with it!

Check it out here:


You think you own whatever your ball catches
That Pokemon are just things you can own
But I know inside every single Poke Ball
Lives a Life
With a Spirit
and a Soul

You think the only starter is Charmander
You think that all the starters are the same
But I know every Poke type is equal
Except for Bugs
Cause EVERYONE knows they're LAME

Have you ever heard Magicarp cry to the PokeMoon?
Or asked the cunning Meowth what he stole
Can you using with all the voices of the Jigglypuff
Can you paint with all the colors of Ho-Oh

Come run the hidden grottos of Unova
Come taste the Sitrus berries of Gen 3
Come take in all the riches of Celadon
and just this once make TEAM ROCKET give you THEIR money

The Abra and Kadabra are my cousins
the Celebi and Treeko are my friends
and we are all connected to each other
in a circle, in a ball, that never ends

How high will Aurotto grow
if you catch it now
then you'll never know

And you'll never hear Magicarp cry to the PokeMoon
for whether we are human or Pokemon
We need to sing with all the voices of the Jigglypuff
We need to paint with all the colors of Ho-Oh

You can Catch Them All and still
You'll never Be the Best until
You learn to Paint with all the Colors of Ho-Oh


released April 6, 2018
Music: NΣΣT
Vocals: Carol-Anne Day
Lyrics: Mike Anthony, Carol-Anne Day, Lucas Gilbertson


all rights reserved



NΣΣT Calgary, Alberta

music producer.

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